7 Tips on How to Work From Home as a Freelance Video Editor_9

While sharing drinks with a friend, he started inquiring as to how I’m in a position to supplement my income with video editing projects. The more we talked, the more I realized that a good deal of people have the ability and skill to perform it, however they don’t understand the small things that could make or break being successful at it. In this post, I’ll discuss what I’ve heard about being a freelance editor. You don’t require that much equipment. Working out of home, the local coffee shop, or while traveling across the country means heading light. A potent laptop that’s packed with editing software, hard disk of footage, along with a good set of headphones is really all you require. Having a desk with additional monitors, complete keyboard+mouse, large speakers, USB hubs and all who are fantastic, but nonessential. For what gear you do need, consider yourself lucky you reside in 2014. 10 decades ago, decent quality video formats were still being captured on tape and also other propietary systems, necessitating control decks and capture cards that were more expensive than my truck. Nowadays I’m in a position to edit for services that appreciate the all-digital workflow as much as I really do. Sure, they occasionally shoot DSLRs, however, I often get footage taken BMCCs, mid to luxury Sony programs, Canon C-Series, and more. All media finishes up having a hard 7 Tips on How to Work From Home as a Freelance Video Editor drive That Is simpler for them, and retains it simple (and economical! ) For me. Feel like splurging? Ok, here’s a list of things that I use daily in my home office. It does make the experience simpler and little more efficient, so I’ve built this up over time. Apple Macbook Pro with maxed out RAM and an OWC SSD Startup DiskSony MDR 7506 HeadphonesUSB HubDisplayPort to VGA Adapter (for external monitor 1)Diamond USB to VGA Adapter (for external monitor two )OWC Mercury Elite Pro Mini External Hard DrivesLogitech MediaPlay Wireless MouseAltec Lansing Speakers Look for your own peers and collaborators for projects to get started on. If you do not have a workflow or customers nailed down, then start by editing a couple of straightforward jobs for people you’ve worked with previously. Do a behind-the-scenes edit, or volunteer to do a voucher of any sort in their opinion. (Bonus tip: Can it be for someone who has a sizable social media after so it gets a Whole Lot of extra visitors, and potential referrals! ) Editing a few spec projects will cause you to go through all the paces required, and you’ll begin to enhance your workflow while constructing your editing portfolio. That leads me into the obvious… Possessing a good editing reel or examples of work, online and ready to show. When soliciting for work, you’ll need to Offer evidence of skill

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